Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Fasih Sayin, Narrative Director

A lot of developers try to be honest and direct, but it is not always easy. For starters, getting misunderstood can be worse than not saying anything at all, and misunderstandings can spread like wildfire on the internet.

There’s the business side of the equation too. We need to be careful about every single word we utter, conscious of the fact that we are never “off the record”. In game development things are always in motion and ever changing. You do not want to end up promising something only to ultimately not deliver. 

And then there’s the marketing side of things. You announce something too early and when the time comes no one will remember it. Yet announce something too late and no one will hear it…

Campfire Cabal is built on a foundation of honesty. We know there’s a lot of uncertainty and even misinformation regarding our fledgling cabal, its past and its future. So let us directly answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is Campfire Cabal?

In simple terms, Campfire Cabal is a new studio wholly owned by THQ Nordic.

Why is Campfire Cabal?

Weird question for you to ask, but I respect that. THQ Nordic wanted to found this studio because they were happy with our previous work and they wanted more of it. We certainly wanted to make more of what we did in the past, so it’s a win-win situation. If you also wanted more of the kind of games we make, we can call it a win-win-win situation.

Yes, but when you say “We” what do you mean? Who are you people?

Assuming you’re not asking an existential question, the answer is that we are mostly developers who have previously worked on at least one Expeditions title, as well as a few fresh faces. That includes but is not limited to Jonas Wæver, the creative director of all the Expeditions titles and one of the founders of Logic Artists.  

Is Campfire Cabal the new Logic Artists?

Now that’s an awkward question, especially considering Logic Artists still exists as an entity (at least last time I checked they did). So, the answer is legally no.  

Practically? No.  

Spiritually? Kind of… From now on we will be taking care of Expeditions and making games in the same vein… so I don’t know. Your call.

What did happen to Logic Artists?

That’s not a question I can or should answer. Logic Artists is now a subsidiary of Dynasty Studios, neither of which have anything to do with Campfire Cabal or THQ Nordic.

Are you going to make blockchain games? Will you sell NFTs?

No and no. And this I can say with complete and full certainty. We have nothing to do with NFTs. And we read enough sci-fi to realise that Snow Crash was describing a dystopia. Our next game will not include anything related to blockchain tech.

So, what will you make?

RPGs. We have some plans and some projects. We’re not ready to reveal them yet, but rest assured whatever we do will be a story rich RPG with meaningful choices and awesome turn-based combat.

Will there be another Expeditions game?

Expeditions: Rome did very well critically and commercially. It’s a safe assumption that THQ Nordic will want to release more games in the series.

Your next game is a new Expeditions game, isn't it?

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. We’re not ready to announce what we’re working on yet. 

Is it Expeditions: Mongols? Is it Expeditions: Crusaders? Is it Expeditions: Three Kingdoms? Is it Expeditions: Mars?

Nice try 😉
But no comment. 

Are you even allowed to make a new Expeditions game?


THQ Nordic owns Expeditions, and they own Campfire Cabal. Before you yell [citation needed] at the screen, here’s the news about that.

The “Expeditions” IP was created by Logic Artists, but in 2018 THQ Nordic bought it in its entirety.

But that doesn't mean you're making another Expeditions game, does it?

Again… nice try. And correct! It doesn’t mean we’re making another Expeditions game. 

Was Expeditions: Rome ever in danger of being abandoned post release?

It was not. The contract between Logic Artists and THQ Nordic included a certain period of postlaunch support and at least one piece of DLC.

Who will take care of Expeditions: Rome now? Is it abandoned?

No, it isn’t abandoned. We will take care of Expeditions from now on. As far as you are concerned, nothing will change.

Will you release more content for Expeditions: Rome?

Honestly, right now we have no new paid DLCs in the pipeline. Expeditions: Rome was never conceived to be a “live service” game. It is very storyfocused and as far as we are concerned, that story is already told. We will certainly take care of bugs and maybe issue some quality-of-life updates in the future, but I would not hold my breath for fullon paid downloadable content.

I hope this answers at least the majority of your questions.

This doesn’t answer all of my questions. How can I reach you?

Assuming you are reading this on our website, congratulations. You have found our website. We also have a Twitter account.