The Office

Posted by Jonas Wæver, Creative Director

When we started Campfire Cabal, one of the mandates we received from THQ Nordic right from the start was to make sure we got a really nice office for the team. A good work environment is important, perhaps especially so in the creative industries.

After a few months of office-hunting, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon an incredibly attractive opportunity: a recently vacated apartment in Holckenhus, a building from the late 1800s smack-dab in the middle of Copenhagen.

It easily fulfilled all our needs: the right amount of space for us to grow into, close to public transport, a good view, and distinct rooms to minimise noise and allow teams to have impromptu meetings without disturbing everyone else. As a fun extra, it resembles the style of the THQ Nordic offices in Vienna so anyone from the mothership will feel at home when they come to visit.

The only drawback was that the landlord needed 3 months to renovate the place. In the middle of November, we finally moved into our new digs, after a further delay to wait for a nice fast enterprise fibre connection and a delivery of office furniture.

Here are some photos from the week after we moved in, when almost everything was in place. Now we just need to hang some stuff on the walls.