Studio Closure

Posted by Jonas Wæver, Creative Director

The news has started to pick up that Campfire Cabal has been shut down. We’d like to take a moment to issue an official statement to clear up some of what’s going on.

It is no secret that Embracer Group has recently entered restructuring. As part of this restructuring process, THQ Nordic has been told to close Campfire Cabal. This decision was not related to the work we’ve been doing at the studio but was made from a purely financial standpoint. We want to make it clear that our management and the rest of the team have not given up on Campfire Cabal yet, and neither have our friends at THQ Nordic. We are still pursuing our options for finding a good resolution to this situation, and THQ Nordic has been very supportive throughout this difficult time.

You may see more of our team members begin to openly look for new work in the coming days. We have actively encouraged our team to start job-seeking now since the process of finding work can be slow, and we don’t want anyone to have to consider the needs of our company over their own.

However, this does not mean that it’s over for us as a studio. We’re extremely proud of how our team has come together to keep the Campfire burning, and of the commitment and camaraderie everyone has demonstrated since the news broke. We’d like to thank everyone who has reached out with messages of support and everyone who has taken the time to talk to us about future possibilities for Campfire Cabal.

We’ve done a lot of great work over the past year, and it is our fervent hope that we will find a way to keep it going.

Thank you all for your support,

Jonas Wæver
Creative Director